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Solar PV Modules

Solar PV modules convert light energy into electrical energy. The solar cells are connected in series and parallel and encapsulated in a low iron content, high transmissivity, tempered glass using UV stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheets. The premium quality back sheet protects the cells from the environmental conditions when laminated. The laminates are framed with strong and anodized aluminium profile with multiple holes for ease of installation.

We supply multi-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar PV modules from leading manufacturers. The modules are offered in wattages from 100W to 320W. The modules are provided with 25 year performance guarantees and product warranties of 5 years. The solar PV cells used are of 14.0% to 18% efficiency.

All our modules are certified for IEC61215, IEC61730 and IEC61701 standards

Detailed specifications on 100W, 140W, 250W, and 300W modules are given below.
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Nordic 100 Watts PolyCrystaline Panel Datasheet
Nordic 140 Watts PolyCrystaline Panel Datasheet
RenewSys Deserv 125 Watts Datasheet
RenewSys Deserv 250W - 265W Datasheet
RenewSys Deserv 300W - 315W Datasheet

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